Bozas  Business Affairs Club

£8.33 per month plus VAT  (So a total of £10.00 inc VAT  PM) for Artists

£20.00 Per Month Plus VAT   (So a total of £24.00 inc VAT PM)  For Corporate clients (SME’s)

Payable till end of March 2019 then annually after that.

This allows you to get a sensible amount of advice over the phone or by quick email, limited to what I can give you off the top of my head. If I have to do research and analysis or contract negotiation then its £60 per hour for members and £100 per hour for non members. All work to be pre-agreed and charged quarterly or when a threshold of say £300 reached …

If you join the Business Affairs Club that enables us to keep data about you on our systems which include :-

  • Dropbox,
  • Evernote,
  • Youtube,
  • Google Drive and
  • P-Cloud as well as
  • our internal computers and servers.

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