Dear Prospective BAC Member

The intention behind The Business Affairs Club (BAC) is to provide a resource where you can access expertise and information or at least be told where you can find the information that will help you navigate the business side of the music industry.

We specialise in:

  • record deals,
  • publishing deals,
  • sync licensing and marketing,
  • general licensing,
  • sample clearances,
  • music supervision,
  • publisher splits,
  • band management advice and
  • helping with the legal notice requirements for CD/LP’s etc.

We can help with general business affairs, simple contracts and deal negotiation. There are times when we will have to kick things up a level and consult entertainment lawyers, tax professionals and/or accountants.  We can also help you to find the necessary professionals depending on your business circumstances.

As a member of The BAC you can also access our charged services at a discounted rate as per the rates below.



Artists:             £18.00 per month or £200 per year (Jan to December)

Discounted rate for annual payment


(SMEs):           £40.00 per month or £400.00 per year (Jan December)

Discounted rate for annual payment



The BAC membership allows you to get a reasonable amount of advice for free but if we have to do research and analysis or contract negotiation then its £100 per hour for members and £150 per hour for non members. All work to be pre-agreed and charged quarterly or when a threshold of say £300 reached.



If you join The BAC you are agreeing to us keeping data about you on our systems which include:

  • Dropbox,
  • Evernote,
  • Youtube,
  • Google Drive and
  • P-Cloud as well as
  • our internal computers and servers.


Monday to Thursday

9.30 – 1pm and 2 – 6:30pm GMT (unless you’re in LA!)