Hi,  if you have arrived on this page, you are obviously trying to secure a licence. We understand objective is to secure a licence and we hope you that we understand that our objective is to make the system as streamline as possible.

Therefore, we send you a form to complete and we ask you for information.  The form that we send you is in the excel format, and the reason for this is so that we can import the data into our licence database. Please do not fill out the form out in a hurry and please do not assume that we don’t need information that we have asked for. If you have have included the information as part of an essay as part of previous email please do not expect us to go and find it.

Please help us to help you. Please complete the form as requested as this means that we can import the data and we don’t have to keep coming back to ask you for information that we have already asked for.

Below you will find examples of issues that we have had in the past and would be great if we could eliminate these problems from the outset

Thank you the licensing team.


Issues that could have been avoided If the form had been completed

When we send you a Music Request form and it says “Please fill out all the yellow fields” – That is because this is the information we need. We IMPORT this request form into our license form so if you move things or write in the wrong places you make it a major headache for us

If you do not supply information we will just have to come back and ask you for it…. It is much easier to just comply with the requested info and that means you are helping us to help you…. We assume your objective is to have a license granted?


Please do not convert it to PDF or any other format or we cannot import the data.


We need more details and please do not reformat the request form as I cannot import it if you do.  I have resent the form. Also no film title = no license, no address where we can find you = no licence (PO Box number not good enough!)


We need to know who the licensee will be – That’s why all those fields are in yellow  – that’s the info we need …. Please do not write in the white fields otherwise all the info goes into the wrong places when I import.


Regarding the types of synch deals:


These are few and far between.  Normally only for PSA’s and registered charities or for artist / composer endorsed pet projects.


Here we negotiate the going rate – a commercial rate and you pay the agreed fees.


So you are looking for a festival Licence? And assuming $500 a year is reasonable  for X track.
This would be for a maximum of 2 years but it could be renewable.

With Festival licenses our artistic criteria are lower than with commercial works because we want to encourage film makers. BUT that is a double edged sword. That may mean that a festival licence is granted but a commercial release licence is denied. Particularly after we see the film we may decide not to license the rights commercially…..

Generally we do a festival license and agree to negotiate commercial rights in good faith.  Once we have all the details we submit the request to management and the Artist/composer concerned. After that it is up to the Artist/Composers and management teams to consider. If they deny permission then there is no appeal.


Regarding what a commercial fee would be a song like X  would command a fee in EXCESS of $100,000 depending on the rights required. In some circumstances we can look at step deals but where we take a risk on your film for lower fees plus financial steps. The returns IF your film became a Blair Witch or Bend It Like Beckham would need to be in excess of $100K  if all the steps are triggered.   IF we agree to a step deal it will always be on our terms most of which are non- negotiable.



Payment Steps

Payment Trigger in Million $



Initial Payment

on signature



When the film grosses




When the film grosses




When the film grosses




When the film grosses




When the film grosses




When the film grosses





Steps are always based on Gross Receipts not on Box Office.  The industry has changed and most films make a significant portion of their revenue from streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon.

We base the triggers on reports from industry Journals and web sites like IMDb or – The obligation will however be on you to report the Step triggers.


Sometimes we turn down requests for artistic reasons, sometimes moral reasons and sometimes its because they clash with our own creative or commercial endeavours or existing contractual arrangements with our current clients and/or trading partners

If there is a refusal it will be for one of the above reasons BUT we never supply reasons and decisions are final.

The reason we never supply reasons is If we ask an artist to justify any Yes or No decision it will take us months to get an answer and who knows, will the justification be the truth or not? Likewise with management – they may not want to divulge their contractual obligations or future creative or commercial plans.

I hope that clarifies our way of working. Once we get the revised music request form we will submit it to management and the artist.