Bozas International project managed and creatively directed the spectacular and immersive Biophilia Ball for the environmental charity, Synchronicity Earth in 2014. The ball was held at the Natural History Museum in London to honour 50 years of The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Guests were guided  on a journey across many landscapes from the frozen arctic to the grasslands of Africa, connecting with nature via a multi-sensory experience.

Features included a live vulture, a coral reef portal featuring the sound of extinct species (with a commissioned musical score from Cosmo Sheldrake), luminous-floating jellyfish performers, a violin-playing meerkat on a slack wire, a special film and ice installation from Exposure labs, IUCN ambassador Alison Sudol singing, the Dhol Foundation drumming a call to action. All this in the presence of the majestic diplodocus.

We produced the film and photography for the event which included interviews with some of the most prestigious environmental luminaries.