Record Label and Music Publishing

Record Label

Long Tale Recordings is a guerilla record label set up on the principle that our artists needed fair record deals.  Our team takes the artist through all the key stages from the concept of the album, through the recording process, artwork design, distribution and publicity campaign.

The principle behind Long Tale Recordings is that the artist licenses their works to the label on a very equitable split. The Long Tale deal model ensures that from the first pound earned on the record the artist receives a minimum of 30% of any revenue collected, and once costs have been recouped, can achieve a near 60% revenue share.

In the event that any major label should decide to pick up a Long Tale artists, we agree to negotiate in good faith subject to a sensible override being paid to Long Tale.  In Mr Long Tale’s eyes, this liberates the artist from typical artistic slavery that we have seen in many contracts in the market place.

Long Tale artists are Ayub Ogada, Amadou Diagne, Geoffery Oryema, Jennifer Crook, David Rhodes,

Katey Brooks, Rachael Roberts, The Dhol Foundation, TJ Rehmi.


Strung Out Songs is a boutique music publishing company that specialises in working with composers and helping them to develop their own catalogues.

“If you love something set it free, if it comes back it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was.”

That is the philosophy at Strung Out Songs.

Our writers are free to go should they want to.  We work with composers to maximise their income streams by helping them get paid commissions and helping them to develop other skill bases.  We also believe that publishing revenue should be a writer’s pension instead of their bread and butter income.

We have a roster of talented composers including:

  • Ayub Ogada
  • Bernard ONeill
  • Geoffery Oryema
  • Jennifer Crook
  • David Rhodes
  • Peter Gabriel
  • Littlemen
  • Jools Scott
  • Mark Smulian
  • Johnny Kalsi
  • Stuart Bruce
  • Toby Shippey
  • TJ Rehmi
  • Neville Farmer

We consult for:

• Oriental Star

• Low Deep T

• Astar Artes

•Felt Music

• Lara Fabian

• Peter Gabriel

• Real World Group

• George Acogny Inc

•Reactional Music